Portrait of Jeanette Mueller.

Dr. Jeanette Mueller Ph.d

"The deep changes necessary to accelerate progress against society's most intracable problems require a unique type of leader – the system leader, a person who catalyzes collective leadership." *)

*) Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton, John Kania: The Dawn of System Leadership, Stanford Social Innovation Review,


Conceptual artist and political scientist

lives and works in Vienna and Asia at the intersections of science and art focusing on the creation of transcultural rooms of communication and global learning.

Studies of political science, jewish and arabic studies at the University of Vienna as well University of Applied Arts and Fine Arts Vienna.

Doctoral Thesis in political science and publication about "Trust and creativity. The meaning of trust between people of diverse backgrounds within innovation networks"

awarded the "Theodor-Körner-Preis" for science and art

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