Our Core Team

Most of the various tasks within the organisation are dealt with by six members. They form the core team and regularily meet in Vienna. They conduct joint research, plan and organize public events, and carry out any routine chores within the Branch of Political Leadership.

Since the branch's spokesperson has been Bettina Pepek. She represents the group and is the primary contact for members and people interested in membership, as well as for our parent-organisation the Austrian Political Science Association and other co-operating organisations such as the Concordia Pressclub.

Regina M. Jankowitsch (founding-member and first spokesperson),Iris Ullmann, Jeanette Mueller, David F. J. Campbell, Christian Kasper and Ulrich Lanzer are in addition to Bettina Pepek part of this team.

Portrait of Bettina Pepek.

Bettina Pepek

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." *)

Spokesperson of the branch Bettina Pepek .....

Portrait of David F. J. Campbell.

David F. J. Campbell

"To vote politicians peacefully out-off-office, this defines a political key process in democracy."

David F. J. Campbell .....

Portrait of Regina M. Jankowitsch.

Regina M. Jankowitsch

"Credibility equals authenticity plus competence plus courage to critique - political leadership envolves more than just winning elections."

Regina M. Jankowitsch .....

Portrait of Christian Kasper.

Christian Kasper


Christian Kasper .....

Portrait of Ulrich Lanzer.

Ulrich Lanzer

"I want to support politically ambitious people in their endeavours to turn into credible personalities."

Ulrich Lanzer .....

Portrait of Jeanette Mueller.

Jeanette Mueller

"The deep changes necessary to accelerate progress against society's most intracable problems require a unique type of leader – the system leader, a person who catalyzes collective leadership." *)

Jeanette Mueller .....

Portrait of Iris Ullmann.

Iris Ullmann

"We have to conceive political leadership as a relationship, a relationship, built on trust and responsibility."

Iris Ullmann .....

Contact Information:

Contact us via our spokesperson:

Bettina Pepek
Türkenstraße 15, Top 2
A 1090 Wien

Bettina Pepek,

or via mail:

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft
Sektion Political Leadership
c/o Institut für Höhere Studien
Josefstädterstraße 39
A 1080 Wien