Research Projects

Joint research concerning political leadership is viewed as a core task of the Political-Leadership Branch of the Austrian Political Science Association.

Political Leadership in Austria. How Austrians see political Leadership generally and the leadership qualities of their political party leaders in particular.

A quantitative study of political leadership conducted in cooperation with Gallup Austria.

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Annual Study Concerning Political Leadership and Democracy

An empirical study in cooperation with Democracy-Ranking Austria.

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Study of Austrian Journalists

An empirical study among Austrian journalists concerning their view on political leadership.


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Series of Events

The Branch of Political Leadership organizes various events in order to further the discourse on political leadership.

Fireside Chats

Fireside chats without an actual fireplace? - Yes, that's possible.

As of fall

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Series of Lectures

The Branch of Political Leadership invited Political Leaders to publicly speak on the topic of leadership.

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From the beginning the Branch of Political Leadership has been involved in writing and editing articles on political leadership .

Special Edition of The Austrian Journal of Political Science

Special edition on political leadership, edited by our members Doris Wolfslehner and David Wineroither.

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Anthology of Political Leadership

Edited by Regina M. Jankowitsch and Annette Zimmer

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